How To Track The Progress Of Dragonpay Payment?

Some Dragonpay payment may take 24 hours to be verified. Some of the payment that take 24 hours to get verified are BDO over the counter and Remittances payment (Ex: Cebuana Lhuillier, M Lhuillier). If you want to track the progress of your Dragonpay payment, you can visit their “Payment Validation Page” […]

What Is The Refund Policy Of Unity Network?

WHAT IS THE REFUND POLICY? Yes we do offer a unique type of guarantee. It’s called an Implementation Guarantee. Please take note that this is different from a money back guarantee. WHAT IS AN IMPLEMENTATION GUARANTEE? The purpose of the implementation guarantee is to optimize our system and training and help our […]

Why I Can’t Click The Tab and Menu

Hello partners! Happy Monday to you and your family. Yung iba sa inyo alam nang lumipat tayo ng bagong hosting company. Hindi na kasi kaya ng dating hosting natin. Grabe kasi kayo mag-promote eh. Sobrang daming bumibisita sa site natin. Last month, more than half million page views ang nakuha […]

Where Can I Find My Affiliate Link?

STEP 1: Login inside your Ascending Profit System account here. STEP 2: Under the menu, click the TOOLS tab. IMPORTANT: You neew to finish the 10 Step Training program first before your coach can unlock the Tools tab for you. Make sure to complete the 10 Step Training program as soon as […]

How Can I Withdraw My Income / Earnings?

Here’s how to withdraw your commissions. make sure to login inside your Unity Network account here. Step 1: Go to Business Central and click My Income Step 2: Click Payout Request Tab and then click the Request Payout button Step 3: Choose where you want to receive your payout by filling out the form. Double check your […]

Why I Can’t Copy The Email Swipe Files

If you can’t copy the email swipe files, or links inside APS, simply clear your cache memory or open the page in incognito browser then try copying it again. How To Clear Web Browser’s Cache, Cookies, and History? How To Use Incognito Browser Technical Explaination: Our system has a copy […]

How To Chat With Unity Network Live Chat Support?

Start live chat support by clicking the button below… customer service   IMPORTANT: Our chat support is available from Mondays to Fridays (11:00 AM – 8:00 PM). Please leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can start live chat support by clicking […]

How To Pay Via PayRemit by Ventaja

PayRemit by Ventaja – You can now pay for your Dragonpay transaction through various Ventaja-PayRemit branches, partners and agents around the world.  Just visit the nearest location, notify the teller that you are making a payment to Dragonpay, and then provide your Dragonpay reference number.  Only cash payments will be accepted and payments are processed […]